1. Start & turn left at arrow onto the Ridgeway National Trail.

  2. Continue along Ridgeway NT, up 0.5 mile hill and run to the next left turn arrow/ marshal just after Mile 2 marker at the public footpath sign before Foxhill radio mast.

  3. Run up the little grass hill, down a bit and up a bit again to reach Russley Downs Gallops.

  4. Run straight down the grassy Russley Gallops past Mile 3 Marker to Water Station 1./ Mile 4 Marker at the bottom of the Gallops.

  5. Follow the right arrow to run through the field gate leading to Russley Park Lane. Do not cross the M4 motorway bridge but follow the left arrow and marshal directing towards Russley Park (houses in distance).

  6. Enjoy nearly 1 mile of fast downhill/ flat road before turning left at the course divide/ marshal/ Mile 5. (Do not run straight on as this is the HM course towards Botley Copse/ B4000).

  7. Follow the left arrow & 10K course up the Russley Park Lane hill. Keep straight ahead keeping the stables on the left.

  8. Follow left arrow around the bend to what looks like a dead end.

  9. At dead end follow right arrow/ marshal to run up steep hill to gate.

  10. Run through gate and follow left bend arrow along the top of the ridge.

  11. Take the final right arrow/ Mile 6 to descend the fast chalk downhill to the finish