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Brighter Futures is a local charity for the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Swindon. The Ridgeway Revenge is supporting Brighter Futures in raising awareness for their £2.9 million appeal to bring cancer care closer to those living in Wiltshire. 

Wiltshire cancer patients currently have to journey to Oxford, Bath or Cheltenham for life saving radiotherapy treatment. The result is an average of 40 days spent travelling for treatment. Imagine being given news that could mean life or death, imagine receiving the news that means countless hours must be spent travelling to and from hospital for treatment in the hope that it will save your life. Imagine not being able to spend this vital time with those people you love and recovering from the disease. The sad fact is that this does not need imagining. It is a cancer patient reality. One in three of us will suffer from cancer during our lifetime; help Brighter Futures enable Swindon and Wiltshire cancer patients to receive radiotherapy locally. Help make a difference to effective disease management and patient quality of life. 

The Brighter Futures radiotherapy appeal will use money raised to equip a new Radiotherapy Centre that is to be built at the Great Western Hospital. This will include two linear accelerators enabling cancer patients from Swindon and Wiltshire to receive radiotherapy locally. So far the appeal has raised £385,000 but it still needs to raise awareness, support and donations to achieve the £2.9 million target. 

The Ridgeway Revenge would love any runners who would like to run for charity to download the Brighter Futures sponsorship form (download form) or if you would like to just make a donation, click to donate. 

Help Swindon win the fight against cancer by improving the local community’s cancer care.